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Should I Rustproof my Vehicle?

By Mike Romeo

After you purchase your new vehicle you’ll undoubtedly be asked if you would like to protect it by purchasing a rustproof package. I’ve found that about 50% of people will do so through the dealership and the other 50% either decline and never rustproof their vehicle or they get it done at a later date. People who don’t purchase rustproofing usually do so based on untrue information.

Ever wonder why you don’t see as many rust buckets on our roads these days? The difference between vehicles from the 1980s and modern cars is that galvanized metal is now used to prevent rust from occurring. Galvanization is the process of coating the metal with zinc to prevent corrosion. One thing about coated metal is that it’s a bit vulnerable to stone chipping. With Canadian winters people are driving in situations with stones and sand, and these can damage the paint and metallic coating, and leave the ferrous materials exposed to corrosion. Most vulnerable is the area inside the wheel wells, and immediately behind the wheels. Remember most manufacturers build vehicles the same for the entire North American market. This means a vehicle that is exposed to the great Florida weather has the same protection as a vehicle exposed to the sub -30 temperatures in Edmonton.

To me, rustproofing is a must if you live in Canada. The sand and salt that is thrown on the road each winter is extremely detrimental to the vehicles metal. Most manufacturers do have some coverage against sheet metal rust; however it is usually limited to 3 to 5 years depending on the manufacturer. If you plan on keep the vehicle past the warranty period I believe it is very important to protect your investment.

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