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What is Traction Control?

by Mike Romeo

Traction Control has become standard equipment on the majority of manufacturer vehicles over the past five years. With that said many people don’t know what Traction Control is or how it works.

Traction Control is essentially a safety procedure that the vehicle performs when it senses one or more wheels losing traction. If your wheels are slipping because of wet conditions your Traction Control system will active the ABS (anti-lock braking system) to stop the wheel from slipping and will also limit your engine power. The ABS pulsates to stop the wheel from spinning uncontrollably and the engine power is limited in order to limit the amount of power going to the wheels

Traction Control is a great safety feature that can one day save you from losing control of your vehicle. For those who are visual learners, see the below link for a great video on Traction Control.

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